You never know the impact of an uneven leg to a three-legged stool. A democratic government is a three-legged stool with each leg-representing executive, legislative, and judicial. Each of these legs must work in balance with the other legs to protect a free and democratic society. There are many versions of a democratic government. The integrity of any version depends on the checks and balances that these branches represent. The most venerable leg is the legislative because of its necessity to represent their constituents. As a result, the composition of the legislative is diverse and ensures the will of the people.

However, the effectiveness and representation depends on the electorate. If a minority vote, then you lose the checks and balances of this most significant branch responsible for laws, budgets, expenditures, and promoting the common good. I make this point every change I get. However, there is another often forgotten principle that citizens overlook. That is that every eligible voter, stays informed, and votes in EVERY ELECTION! Instead there is a tendency to be angry at the elected. This leads to assuring that ineffective lawmakers retain their position by tapping into this anger. STOP the angry responses, and instead become informed voters who elect responsible government representatives.

You never know the possibilities and the progress when officials subject to accountability. What you know is the stool is unstable and you never know when ti tips over!