Your never know – hateful words have the power to inflict. A long-term friendship with Rwanda confirms that the genocide was not a sudden or surprising event. The environment that led to this human tragedy was long in planning. It began with words that disparage groups and individuals. Whispers in the night became public warnings generating fear and suspicions. The way you turn people against each other is you demonize them. These demon words span more demons, until they reach a crescendo that promotes a fear and anger that grows out of control.

Genocides and revolutions do not begin in isolation. They gather momentum thru successive words of disrespect, and hostility. This process begins with individuals seeking power, and spreads fear to those unfamiliar with the subject. Part of this scenario includes silencing news and truths. You must carefully observe the wordmongers, those who yell and rail against individuals and groups. There are individuals whose personal demons are fueled by these negative climates.

Genocides and tragedies build to their climax of evil, by the clamor of those seeking control. You cannot predict where demon words may lead – you never know!