You never know when you reach the tipping point. Demon words are the catalyst that feed confusion, which becomes fear. Careless or irresponsible use of demon words have consequences. Words are public announcements of your thoughts. They may represent your frustration. Too often, they are carefully crafted ways of incitement. When words trigger emotions, they lead to irrational behavior.

Change is always difficult. Socioeconomic disruptions become easy targets for those who have personal agendas. When leaders and politicians resort to fear mongering, the demonization of a complicated or confusing situation, the outcome is not good. Pay close attention when hearing demon words. Eventually these frustrations will result in questionable decisions.

Sophomoric reactions have consequences. Be careful, what appears to be the solution may be a hidden tipping point, whose explosion will have the opposite effect. The Brexit is a perfect example, where vilifying an association rather than fixing the core issue, results in a catastrophic outcome. See how fast the instigators run away! Be careful listening to the Chicken Little story. You never know when or where you reach a tipping point!