You never know the challenges life brings. While this is true throughout history, it is most challenging during transformation eras, like this digital culture. A transformative era appears via socioeconomic disruptions. The transformation begins with a whisper. It builds gradually until it becomes a roar. You find yourself in the midst of a socioeconomic storm, uncertain of its magnitude. Major changes have their own tipping points. Traditions, institutions, certainties are shifting tectonic plates remaking your reality.

These changes create uncertainties that lead to anxiety and fear. These perplexities are the anger we see throughout the world. These times call for great leaders who can respond to the altering universe. Previous challenges show our ability to overcome these obstacles. In times of uncertainty, there are many false prophets. They offer impractical solutions or seize the opportunity to promote their own agenda. Looking to our institutional leadership for wisdom may not be prudent. What if these leaders are also uncertain about what is necessary to secure the future! Universal transformation takes ubiquitous response.

You must listen carefully, to ensure the evolutionary process is heading in the right direction. The greatest lesson of Brexit is making informed decisions. To understand the arc of history and take the prudent small steps to affect change. Traditions need adjustments, institutions need reformation, and paradigms must overcome myopic points of view. Just think of the possibilities if people overcame their fears thru dialogue. Galactic challenges demand listening to many voices. Infallibility is a myth; you overcome by many voices working towards an ecumenical outcome. You never know where you find kernels of wisdom.