You never know the circumstances that lead to epiphany moments. Our division president was discussing the production problems with the director of manufacturing. I was part of the conversation because of my production & inventory responsibilities. The manufacturing director was advocating for more machinist. My argument was that the existing machinist had too many distractions, which effected their productivity. I gave examples of situations where the worker was unable to focus on thruput because of management policies and procedures. The president saw that this was not solving the issue. “I suggest that we meet later in the week. If you can prove you, need more people I will authorize it. However, I think that more people will not solve the problem”.

The director spent all week analyzing the situation in order to prove his case. Now time for the meeting the director did not have the proof. As we sat down to begin the meeting the director says to the president “the new equipment order is in jeopardy because of a gear problem in final assembly”. The president quickly calls the engineer to discuss the issue, suspending the meeting. The director turns to me and says, “When you are in trouble distract them”. My response was “that is brilliant”! We never got back to the meeting and the entire subject was no longer germane.

This was and continues to be my greatest epiphany moment. I filter rhetoric and arguments to discover whether they have substance or distractions from the real issues. This filter is especially important in political circumstances. I see the negativity of a campaign as distractions. It is the smoke and mirrors of people, and especially politicians, who have no clue how to solve socioeconomic issues. Even more dishonest it is a way for them to cover up their lack of understanding. If you do not understand, then you cannot develop effective solutions.

You never know, what is it that they do not want you to know or discover?