You never know where a simple conversation may lead. A recent gathering of friends ultimately led to the presidential campaign. I avoid this topic when I know the extensiveness of disagreement within a group. As usual, the discussion grew in intensity. When people feel passionate about a subject, it is not the time to try and change their mind. However, this time, I let the conversation continue and instead of taking sides, I listened. Just before the situation became an irreparable loss of friendships, I intervened.

Listening I found some common ground. In essence, the discussions reflects the polarization of our times. The government gets the blame for these circumstances. My observation is this is a natural outcome of a significant socioeconomic shift. Ignoring this reality will result in decisions that will exasperate the situation. Voices of frustration must be part of a dialogue. However, this dialogue must include an understanding of fundamental changes to a global 24/7 reality. Until there is agreement to what is happening, solutions are impossible.

Change is occurring at a rapid rate, which cause these strains. When any social process undergoes such intense and rapid heat treat, you can expect this type of reaction. It is easy to blame government. Government is an essential partner in developing effective and efficient responses to this period of transformation. Universal change requires a huge action plan. Government is people; just like us. Everyone has an idea how to solve the problems. Real solutions come from teaming up to understand and then start solving. Like any problem solution, it will include trial and error. The responsibility is for all sides to come together and work on the future. The future comes thru today many steps in a complex society to pave a solid foundation. Government needs your input and not your anger. Yelling will turn people away. Dialogue is how we reach consensus.

Did I change any votes? You never know, the goal was get people thinking. My hope is that when people make informed decision, especially voting, it will change the world. You never know the outcome.