You never know how looking at closed doors interferes with your ability to see new directions. Coffee with a friend was a monologue on regrets about his past decisions. While he was not ready to close doors, listening inspires the following thoughts.

The journey of life has many points of departure. It is impossible to know how different decision would change the paths that lead you to this particular point in time. The only known reality is what is now! You need to look at the past as the process of defining you at this moment. The past is prologue the present is your ability to chart new adventures. Rather than wasting energy on the past, refocus on this point in time. Events and circumstances do not define you. How you respond to your current situation is the essence of your character.

You must view past decisions as part of the learning process. It is not a score care! These past struggles and triumphs are the means by which you grow. You build on the knowledge of experience. Sometimes it seems like the difficulties are quicksand. Quicksand that is unnoticeable until it reaches your nose. Most of us do not wake up in the morning seeking obstacles. The challenge of unplanned events is to understand them within your mystery of life. This is how you succeed. The path to understanding is to know when to close doors. Pining over closed doors limits your ability to see new possibilities. When you view life as a journey rather than a destination, these obstacles provide ways to enhance that journey. Unanticipated benefits are possible when you take that turn in the road. You cannot change the journey that led you to this moment. You can decide how to invigorate the possibilities leading to a new future.

Doors open and close – more important is your ability to recognize the light streaming from new openings. Circumstances are guides directing your unique journey. Your guiding star is who you want to be not what you were. Doors do not close completely. Fasten these distractions, so that you can focus on the radiance of new openings. This will give you what – you never know!