You never know the damage speaking out loud can have! Once spoken, whether spoken in anger, hurt, or making a point. Once you use your outside voice, you cannot extinguish it. You can apologize, plead insanity, momentary lapses of lucidity, but you will be unable to undo it. Your listener may forgive you, but they cannot forget! Controlling your inner voice from seeing the light of day is not only prudent, but also essential to discipline in any situation.

You may say you did not mean it. Too frequently, that subconscious prejudice, anger, or fear expresses itself in you outside voice. It is not being politically correct. Rather it is simple respect and courtesy. Never forget that your point of view is not universal. Each person has fears, not always expressible. These fears are the hidden voices that will surface in response to a trigger.

Make it a point to learn how to control that inner voice. Instead file it away and search for why it exist. This will unlock hidden anxieties and restore balance to your life. Unkind words unspoken endure you have the ability to use them to analyze and grow. Once said you spend the rest of the time apologizing instead of discovering the bait, that stirs your emotions.

Exposing inner thoughts is at risk, if you are preparing a response instead of listening first. Take it all in; keep your mind in this moment; because and you never know the potential of guarding that inner voice.