The posts on discernment are my insights, observations, and ideas. Therefore, I feel it is appropriate for you to understand the fabric that yields this patchwork quilt of ideas. I understand common good within the context of the golden rule.  It is impossible to simplify personal paradigms. The following are some basic principles, which will be key to the purpose of these posts.

  • Respect and dignity of all created reality. Human dignity, respect for the environment, and the rights of diversity within a developing global culture.
  • Socio-economic responsibilities and participation in the progress and development of family, communities, and solidarity as one human family.
  • Empathy, not sympathy for the vulnerable and disenfranchised members of society.
  • The dignity of work and the responsibility of all to contribute and participate in the economic benefits of these efforts to promote the common good.

My personal development came in an era of civil rights, religious enlightenment, and technological changes. An era where change was the norm, in a generation of major transformation that is creating a new modus operandi. It requires developing an understanding of fundamental principles and rethinking traditions, and ideas within a perspective of inclusiveness. I have the privilege of living thru a marvelous renaissance with a responsibility to add one more voice to the meaning of this opportunity for progress and growth.

I also understand that labor precedes all new life, whether the birth of a child, a new idea, or new possibilities. Therefore, I am hopeful and inspired by the evolutionary trajectory of this era of human history. Within this context, it means that we are all in a learning curve, where effective lessons come from trial and error. Mistakes, are part of this learning process and not catalyst for guilt and anger.

When you understand change within the context of labor preceding all new life you should celebrate the potential of what is to come. However, the next pages of human history come from the actions of today. The future comes from the present. You use the past to enlighten the present, it is prologue. This is the purpose and intent of this series on discernment.