During election cycles, the rhetoric rises to a level of insanity – where people pretending to be adults engage in sophomoric behavior. The most ludicrous behavior is the criticism of government. The loudest voices come from those who are paid (government officials) by the government. Instead of making noise, why earn the pay you are taking as a government employee. People have different views of how to make something work. It is why at the end of the day – consensus is the necessary means of achieving progress.

In a complex society government is essential in providing services, establishing order, and ensuring the common good. It is impossible for individuals or groups to satisfy certain needs. For example the police and fire are a collective essential to protecting us. The military is an essential country wide and international protective force. Therefore, you structure government to the most appropriate and effective way to achieve specific objectives. The way in which you pay for these services is via taxes. To argue for smaller government is the wrong approach. The goal is to achieve effective and efficient government where it must exist to achieve an objective.

Once elected you are no longer the voice of a party, but responsible to all citizens. All you need to do is do your job! The question is are you a representative of your constituents are the pawn of special interest groups. While philosophies differ, and they should in order to represent all people, consensus is how we arrive at fair and equitable solutions. Institutions are essential to achieving effective and efficient outcomes. For a start do your job and take up the Supreme Court vacancy. Not doing your job would be termination in a private enterprise.

The only reason you continue to get by not doing your job, is that you film flam the public, and you voters let them continue to get away with it. Taking the oath of office, and not conducting the business of the people is insubordination! Voters stop complaining and do your job, hold public official accountable. Most of all avoid the snake oil salesmen’s solutions.