Single issue politicians are unable to govern in a complex society. Continuing to promote failing governing principles is an exercise in dishonesty. House and Senate members get $174,000 annual salary, plus benefits, medical and pension plans for doing the countries business. We need the input of many voices, to arrive at pragmatic solutions for the country. The primary issue is economics, created by the great recession needs thoughtful and effective solutions.

The two significant issues that impact economics, is a 24/7 global economy and economic restructuring of this digital age (the evolutionary progress of the industrial revolution). How do we solve this reality? Tax relief via trickle-down economics and removing regulatory constraints are not the answer. Economic growth comes from a strong middle class with discretionary income. Where else can you generate the demand for products and services? The prime examples of history is the Marshall Plan and the WPA. Stimulating the economy is how you create jobs, generate tax revenue, and ensure growth. This is not rocket science. How you go about doing this stimulation has different approaches, which is why we need sound thinking for the circumstance.

We now live in a global economy. For example export trade was 5% of GDP in 1960 and in 2015 was 12.6%. Imports went from 4.2% to 15.5% in this same period. We need Wall Street to work with Main Street. Unfortunately the 2009 financial crises requires policing the financial industry. There are laws requiring seat belts, we need safety laws to keep the industry and their clients safe! Stock Market performance under President Ford was 18.6% gain, President Clinton 14.9%, President Obama 12.6%, and President Bush (41) 11.9%. Stop the hype of business faring better under one administration versus the other. Average yearly job growth – Carter 2.6m, Regan 2.0m, Clinton 2.9m, and Obama 1.3m. This gain started with unemployment of 9.9% in 2009, to 5.0% in Sep 2016. There are about 5.9 million job opening that need to be filled.

How accurate are these numbers? That is not the point – the point is that we need to stop the scare tactics and get to work on developing the laws, budgets, and priorities for moving the economy forward. You need the best ideas of many people to arrive at good solutions. By the way House Speaker gets a salary of $223,500 and Senate Leadership $193,400. All we ask is start playing nice and do your job!