An African proverb says “He who thinks he is leading, and has no one following him is only taking a walk!” Leadership is not a given and must be earned. You earn the ability to lead via respect. Respect is a characteristic those who concentrate on the welfare and success of all people and things. Those impersonating leadership will soon be walking alone. You may get people listening to you and believing that you are giving them an opportunity to succeed. Those using the magician’s sleight of hand, to promote their own agenda, ultimately will be just taking a walk.


Fear and simple solutions are easy prey. True leadership is those who inspire, empower, and challenge people to make a difference. It is only when many come together that progress and solutions are foundation building towards a solid future. False prophets are those who claim to have all the answers. Those who claim they along are the solution. This is your clue that they are not real, and watch your wallet. Bluster, shouting, and demeaning are shabby ways to inflame insecurity. This is what the con man does. Gets you to look the other way while he steals all you have. Most of all he steals your dignity and self-respect.

In a complex 24/7 world it takes many hands to create essential forward progress. African proverbs also say “a single bracelet does not jingle” and that “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”.