There are two main elements for a democracy – voting and free press. Each democracy has its own unique traditions and rules of governance.  No two democracies are exactly alike and represent the diversity of the human struggle for progress, equality, and freedom. A free press provides you with multiple points of view. And voting must be free of intimidation and restrictions. You must guard these two critical elements to preserve a democracy.

Free press means that I listen to many voices, both domestic and foreign. Many times we are too close to a situation, and others looking inside can see things we miss. Ultimately, you have to come to an understanding and make a decision. Thankfully more voices are coming into the arena. The Internet, blogs, podcasts, YouTube, TED talks bring additional perspectives, not always possible when broadcasters have to consider sponsors or stakeholder agendas. You need to take the time to look at all angles of a subject. Many insights will lead to an effective solution towards progress.

Free press augmentation depends on political systems that have checks and balances. In the USA we essentially have a two party system. No matter how hard a third party tries, we are left with two. This means that the two parties have a great responsibility for maintaining an effective representation. However, neither of the two parties are clear black and white but a collection of grey. This allows the members themselves to reach consensus.

When one of the parties becomes dysfunctional it hurts the other party and the nation at large. In a diverse society, it takes many ideas, and voices to develop effective strategies and laws. Consensus and implementation are never perfect. It requires diligence and adjustments to move a nation as diverse as the USA to navigate new directions and new paths. Starting over is never achieving improvements. You must tweak and adjust until you can approach perfection. Just like this democracy that continues to be a living thing requiring attention. Extinction is the consequences of ignoring the will of the people. Those in governing positions – listen it is the economy, security, and the pursuit of happiness. While there are different ways of achieving these benefits, ultimately they must become a reality. Progress is an evolutionary process, those preaching revolution are looking to dismantle the progress to date. You build brick by brick, and you start at the foundation. This is not rocket science, it is common sense. When all participate in a healthy economy, feel secure, and are able to pursue a quality of life, things work!

You achieve this in a bi-partisan effort. You never achieve any results when your only action is negative, saying NO, is simply saying I QUIT! This election cycle is showing us the results of immature behavior, yelling instead of solving, criticizing instead of pulling together.

We are living in tumultuous times, civil strife, and predator nations are on the rise. Security depends on leadership the strength of democracies. Just remember an African saying, “a fight between grasshoppers is a delight for the crow”