My flight home on a CONVAIR 580 at the Bradford Regional Airport in the 1970’s was an epiphany event. Boarding I think is this silver haired pilot, healthy enough to fly? The turbulence seems normal as we climb above the Allegheny National Forest on the cold and snowy February evening. Then suddenly we are falling. I see the trees and hills getting larger as we rapidly lose altitude. Thankfully the pilot gains control and advises us that engine failure requires we return to the airport. The bumpy return seemed forever. The landing was a sliding experience stopping at the precipice of this mountain top runway. Safely back in the terminal, my perspective about the pilot changed! Gratitude that this experienced person got us to safety. The understanding that experience enhances your ability to make effective decisions in critical situations. T. S. Elliott tells us “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

In times where vital outcomes are critical, experience is the key to success. You want the experienced eye doctor to help you with macular degeneration. The knowledgeable heart surgeon, and the practiced guide to lead you thru the rapids. Knowledge, experience, and the ability to leverage this wealth of understanding. As I now am that older pilot I get it! When you depend on others to protect you and grow, hire those with experience.

I voted for Hillary Clinton for the most important position in the world. This was not a protest vote in a binary election. It was a conviction that Hillary is the best pilot to navigate us thru these perilous times in a 24/7 digital world.