The aftermath of this election indicates that the mood of voters was dissatisfaction with the present direction of the country. The electoral vote is a narrow win, for the candidate without the majority of the votes. This campaign was marked by unrest and concern. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders – are prophecies of unrest and change. Each with a vision of how to steer this country in a new direction.

Institutional chaos and disorder are natural outcomes of dramatic change. Previous cultures had centuries to absorb change. Within a fifty-year time, the socio-economic explosion of a 24/7 digital world created an environment that left institutions behind, and especially the governments. This is what the voters in the USA and other places are addressing. Frustration results in making decisions to break the existing situation, in an effort to make it better.

All new life is preceded by labor – I firmly believe this. This is the reality of change. You cannot grow and progress without doing things differently. This is what this election was about. Here is the risk, during times of chaos and uncertainty, forces use the disorder to control institutions. In essence, broken organizations are fertile ground for fixing or for controlling. It is imperative that we watch. Elections have consequences. The population has a responsibility to ensure that their votes are not distorted or manipulated. This means that elections are ongoing processes and not moments in time.