The moment of truth is results – all else is prophecy! It is imperative that you acknowledge this reality. All actions and decisions have consequences. Frequently, these outcomes are not what you expected. Recognize this as your current reality. You need not accept it, but you must understand it as the results at this moment. Life is a constant journey of change. Destinations are goals and not achievements. Goals that influence and direct your journey. Throughout life, goals are really milestones along the path leading to progress and growth.

The USA and its citizens find themselves, as a result of our election, at a significant milestone. Each of us must see this moment within the framework of our individual goals. Ultimately I expect that the goal of a society, and individuals within it – have these goals.

Socio-economic value – that is equivalence, discretionary income, and progress. All other values, benefits, and success is a component of this basic objective. The challenge for all of us is to recognize where you are and how to advance circumstances towards the  common good goal. It must be a common good perspective if we have any chance of making progress within a diverse and poly agenda environment.

Success depends on many ideas and voices – engaging in a dialogue that is honest, sensitive, and open to adaptation. Over the next few weeks, I offer ideas about leveraging your moment of truth towards peace, justice, and progress movement.