There are as many stories as there are individuals in the stream and on the banks. The challenge of civilization is how to maintain order, peace, and justice. Each personal story even within the same family and tribe has different goals and ideas. Diversity of ideas is the source of conflict as well as the future of a civilization. Malcolm Forbes defines diversity “as the art of thinking independently together”.

Diversity intensifies as the community grows larger. Stories become complex and sometimes frightening. Adventures, comedies, ghost, historical, love, fantasy, and fairy tales enter your world, and disrupt your world view. These narratives promote ideas, explain situations, and propose dreams. Eventually, some of these ideas challenge your comfort zone. Your beliefs make you feel safe. As your relationships expand, the greater you encounter new and different ideas.  Change is part of your journey. If you are not comfortable with traveling new roads, you become scared. Ella Maillart advises that You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself”.

Traveling is free and easy by reading, watching movies, TV, or surfacing the Internet. Expand your ideas by transforming the unknown, and understanding yourself.