Chaos is the symptom of institutions in danger! Institutions without intimate connections with the people they serve, are unable to see developing storms. Rapid and pervasive change, like computer technology advance challenges that escape attention during their development. The degree of influence of any institution determines the level of chaos. Faith communities are voluntary whereas government impacts your life. Social change maybe in conflict with a faith community, you still have the option to ignore it. However, if the government and its political leaders are out of touch with change it has a significant socio-economic impact on your and all other members it touches.

Myopic views by organizations are serious, but not as serious as the parochial views of government. Missing a trend or consequence is not in itself a condemnation. The offense is when government refuses to admit their mistake and change direction. Change requires adjusting worldviews. Government leaders also have two dogs. Which one is being fed is the critical question. The evil dog is clever. Distracting you with more chaos and misleading rhetoric is their defense. You must develop the ability to understand the reality of these misdirection. When leaders condemn, shout, and blame – you can be confident that the evil dog is in play.