Success depends on your ability to understand the prism you use to define your worldview. Accomplishments also depend on your ability to understand other peoples’ prisms. A prism is an appropriate way to see how each worldview clarifies or distorts all points of view. There are as many prism’s as there are people.  Prism’s are glass or other transparent refracting surfaces that separates light into a spectrum of colors. This phenomenon of refraction is the change in direction of light when it passes from one medium to another. Rainbows are the refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets. It takes rain and sun to create a rainbow. Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) is an additive color model when added together create a broad array of colors, like the rainbow.  Your window on the world is the colors that come from your prism.

Your personal RGB model consists of Relationships, Goals, and Beliefs that are the additive mental model you use to create your realities. It is your RGB and the RGB of everyone; that establishes your current existence. In a world of change and chaos survival depends on how you manage the colors of your world.  “Identity is made up of lots of different things now. Different colors and patterns stand out at different times. Different instruments in the symphony of being are more distinct than others at different times.” Darryl Pinckney

I wish to explore the different prisms today. In this way your window will display a horizon of colors. From chaos we can create a universal rainbow.