Money is an important requirement in contemporary societies. It is more convenient than livestock as barter. Money is a necessary instrument for daily life. This tool is malignant when it becomes the goal and not the means. Therefore, it is not the tool that is a problem, but those who use this tool. Economic progress is the result of innovation where individuals and businesses offer value added propositions. Price/value benefits is the engine of economic growth. Benefit must be the driving force, then profit will follow. It does not work the other way.

While misuse of money is a reality, it exists when parochial and selfish agendas drive individuals within our institutions. Everyone wants to improve their economic opportunities. Not everyone is willing to sell their soul! This misdirection is especially dangerous when it is the focus of institutional leadership. A native American saying is that “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”

Wealth and ego are unsustainable. When you die it is your legacy and not your bank account that survives. The serious impact of the last tree, fish, and stream is when leaders and legislators are the source of the cutting, eating, and poisoning. Under the circumstances when their prism only shows the color green, reasoning is impossible. Economic rebuttals are the only way you get their attention.