Personal distortions create images that misrepresent facts. It allows you to paint reality the way you wish, rather than what it is! A successful perspective needs a compass to avoid myopic realities. Horizons are always distant vistas. You choose a course using your view of the possibilities. Arriving at that sight, influences your journey. The point is everyone has this common experience.

Individuals, and especially leaders, who push their parochial agenda, use this phenomenon. They will aggressively use distortions to paint horizons that misrepresent reality. You must be careful not to respond to what seems like quick solutions. Like the magician who uses distraction to distort movement creates the magic trick! Progress is an evolutionary process where you build on the past, leveraging the present, to get to a new future. Growth is not magic it is effort. Success is the balance between what is and what it can be!

Reality is the 24/7 global socio-economic environment of the digital culture. This change is altering institutional structures. The greatest impact is the changing nature of work. The industrial revolution transformed an agrarian culture to an urban environment. The digital evolution requires new skills and offers new socio-economic realities. Returning to a past that no longer exists is delusional! Organization must help move us towards this reality. When people do not know how to solve a problem, they distort circumstances in order to lull you into a false sense of hope. It is their agenda, do not let it be your agenda.