Kleptocracy refers to government where rulers use their political power to steal their countries resources. Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC) under the rule of Mobuto is the poster child for this disease. However, DRC suffers from a chronic ailment starting with the Congo Free State to the present. There are many examples throughout history.

Kleptocracy impairs normal physiological functioning of an organism. Life threatening conditions may appear dormant, until they metastasize. The earlier you catch symptoms of a developing illness, the greater your chances of survival. This means you have to be vigilant with your circumstances. The health of an organism, organization, institution, or government rely on the healthy functioning of the parts of the organism. This is not rocket science!

Giving way to lobbyist, or myopic loyalty to parochial ideologies is Kleptocracy! This is the beginning stages of an illness that threatens the entire country. Kleptocracy whether the theft of an entire country or stealing from a group of people is still a disease. Government responsibility includes preparing for the future. Making sure that citizens of tomorrow will have unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Constituents are busy developing socio-economic results. It is why you elect positions that are empowered to create a future. Government funding of Research and Development is critical to future technologies. Protecting the civil rights and creating economic opportunities is the purpose of government. Focusing on protecting political sponsors and not your constituents is pure and simple – KLEPTOCRACY!