There are several advantages for learning how to empathize with others. The most obvious is your ability to understand another’s circumstances. You are not required to condone their behavior. However, by seeing and comprehending their situation, you can soften your judgement. Condemnations lead to mistrust and rupture social harmony. No one escapes the trials and tribulations of life. When you perceive how chance events can cause unusual behavior, you gain wisdom. Ultimately this builds a treasury of skills that enhance your ability to handle predicaments. In this case empathy benefits you!

Stepping back and evaluating behavior changes the environment. A 90-year-old lady, whose life was filled with reading, housekeeping, and cooking, suddenly goes blind. What appears as incoherence, may be the lack of stimulation. An active mind remains active. Losing a routine of activeness does not stifle thinking! The subconscious will prevail.  The subliminal with its vaults of memory does not know time. What sounds like disorientated talk, may be the disconnection of many thoughts out of progression. Before you proclaim a diagnosis, empathize, look for reasonable alternatives.

A less obvious advantage is your ability to empathize with antagonists. Taking the time to empathize with those you must interact with but least comprehend. Once you understand their behavior by taking the time to see the cause, you gain control. This may be co-workers, family, or friends. Knowing that someone fears failure, you must accept that they will avoid everything. This does not mean they are not willing to act, if it will not expose them to failure. Therefore, if you put them in this situation, you will get resistance. Knowing in advance what drives their behavior will save you anxiety and conflict!