A democratic society depends on awareness. In a 24/7 news cycle, where information comes from many sources, understanding is fragile. Competitive pressures often cause imprudent news and parochial points of view compromise reality. News is defined as information, which is a message without qualification as to its veracity. The constant bombardment for your attention, creates credibility gaps that interfere with your ability to understand. It is necessary that your sources of information have credibility. News integrity depends on trust, courtesy, and facts. This integrity is jeopardized by little things.  Here are some things to consider to safeguard honesty.

Everything is not breaking news! The best way to lose my attention is to keep telling me you have breaking news, when it is old news. Attempts at giving a balanced view include discussion panels for different points of view. When these individuals begin to argue – I’m gone! Fear does not get my attention. The sound bite mentality is not productive! If I want entertainment, I will seek out the appropriate media. When I want news, especially for complicated subjects such as health care. I need information, that is not possible in a sound bite or panel arguments.

If you want credibility, then act in a way that you gain my respect. Organizational revenue requirements must separate the news from income requirements. This is the challenge for the media in this 24/7 environment. It is an essential requirement for the common good.