The purpose of the free press is to support your ability to be aware of circumstances. Daily life is a continual decision process. Discernments have consequences. Thus, it is imperative that you receive the insights necessary to make informed decisions. Free press means objectivity, or a list of pros and cons, giving you a perspective and understanding on a subject or issue.

Being aware does not necessarily make you infallible. The best you can do is to consider the information, understand the consequences to optimize your decision. Anything that constraints or distorts a subject view, works against a free press. The following is an example of influences that either inform or confuse a topic. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a quagmire of conflicting stories. [Disclaimer I believe that universal health care is a right and not a privilege.]

The current administration and congressional leadership is against it. It is difficult to understand why? All I get is that it is not working. All progress, especially something as complex as health care needs improvement. An idea or law starts out as a complex set of rules. Implementation and development requires tuning and fixing. As ideas met reality, changes are necessary. It is difficult to gain an insight as to the real reason for the opposition. One argument is that it is mandatory. So, are drivers’ licenses, auto insurance, etc. – so how is this any different? Most of the opposition is Christian – Scripture Matthew 25:35-36, is a principle that seems to be lost in this rhetoric. The first amendment of the Bill of Rights besides the freedom of the press protects the freedom of religion. This does not suggest that moral values cannot be used to guide our laws. I still do not understand the opposition, especially when you see the peaceful petitions and protests repealing the ACA. An overwhelming majority support health care protection. Thanks to a free press – we are aware of most citizens want affordable health care.

ACA needs fixing – so fix it! I suggest the administration and congressional leadership listen to its citizenry! Otherwise, who are you listening to?