The integrity of the common good relies on accurate and fair information. This idea of fake news is preposterous it is Propaganda! A basic element of awareness and understanding depends on the right word to describe a situation. It is why we have dictionaries – it means that there is a standard definition and understanding of words. This avoids confusion! The definition of news is information regardless of the media or the timing of the event. Propaganda is information that is spread to promote some cause. Present-day propaganda is brainwashing! Thus, information is either to provide you with knowledge about an event or subject. Propaganda is to lure you to false interpretations of reality.

It is difficult to discern the information as reality or propaganda. All fake news is propaganda. We associate propaganda with Totalitarianism. Caution is the word of the day. Totalitarianism comes from many sources – mostly to promote an agenda. Thus, misrepresentation of reality and facts to trigger an emotional response, creating demons to destabilize you via fear. Family, friends, and governments are trusted sources, but they may be trying to distract you from the common good. Be careful of wolves in sheep clothing. We criticize other governments of propaganda and our own government has become equally responsible for creating these demons.