The integrity of the common good is built on the foundation of trust. Trusting each other and trusting leaders, companies, institutions, and governments. The common good does not mean equivalence, an impossible condition in a diverse human family. The common good means security, freedom, and empowerment. With these virtues come obligations, and obligations are not a one-way street. Freedom does not condone propaganda or yelling fire in a crowded theater. Security means the rule of law applies to everyone. Security also means that when one member of the community suffers a malady, there is a safety net. Empowerment is an atmosphere that allows you to push the envelope without recrimination. The US Declaration of Independence sets the stage. “that all … are created equal…endowed … with unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

  • Life means security – a safe environment that promotes viability.
  • Liberty means freedom – from oppression, servitude, arbitrary political decisions.
  • Pursuit of Happiness – empowering you to develop self-worth.

The common good establishes a framework that extends these qualities to the entire community. Institutions, companies, and government via their leadership are the means for creating and maintaining this structure. The integrity of the framework depends on the members’ trust. When leaders betray this trust – institutions, companies, and government fail! The blatant example is the deterioration of the US leadership in global and local politics.

Leadership positions given must be earned! Just because you are the head of an enterprise, does not guarantee success. Behavior not words define your true character. Trust is the essential factor that defines your nature. Lies unmask your persona.