In a world of relatively swift outcomes, you cannot ignore the rule of time. Whether recovering from surgery, mending a relationship, overcoming anxiety or the birth of a child, time is the critical element. A mystery of life, is that situations do not resolve quickly, they take an evolutionary path towards conclusions. And even the conclusions are not instant, but take their own time to ponder and understand. Each circumstance has its own gestation period. It is something you cannot rush. I believe it requires experiencing the moments along the path to resolutions. Hurrying past the difficulties will not sustain the outcomes.

Heat treat is a manufacturing process, of controlled heating and cooling of material to alter their physical and mechanical properties. Surviving the heat treat process the components are stronger. If there are imperfections the components will be destroyed by the process. I feel this applies to human behavior as well. The strength of the part, like a gear, withstands the pressure of its mating gear under heavy loads. Heat treat is both temperatures and time. So too with us the temperatures of circumstances must evolve thru their time to succeed.

I am convinced that labor precedes all new life, whether the birth of a child or a new venture. When you understand and accept this mystery of life, it will ease your anxiety. Even more so it will deliver a more profound effect.