This white paper is a description and definition of the Business Triage concept. This concept uses the medical triage as the model for applying triage processes to business issues. The uses the medical triage purpose of this paper is to define the methodologies that are the basis of the business triage. The triage applies to any type of enterprise and to any industry.

The medical triage (triage is French meaning “to sort”), since its first introduction by Dominique Jean Larrey during the Napoleonic Wars, continues to make improvements. These procedures first formalized in World War I by French doctors; who were treating the battlefield wounded at the aid stations behind the front. Modern medical and technological advances continue to improve this important concept. Most people are familiar with the MASH 4077
television show, where triage is the activity from the time the helicopters deliver the wounded, thru the sorting process prior to surgery. For disasters such as 9/11, triage is a critical process when critical events are competing for resources in a deteriorating situation that calls for swift and critical thinking.

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