Here at Integrate Mag, we believe that the ultimate happiness lies in our ability
to grow and to develop, which improves our created reality. All creation is precious and important. It is this belief in the continuous creation event that enables us to be participants in the evolution of new realities.  Each moment has the extraordinary potential to change the world. Intact Integration refers to the human condition.  The ways in which we as a species, interact in our social,  business and personal environments.

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We are a  blend of both the past and the future- our experiences define our frame
of reference, but this view changes thru our dreams for tomorrow. Our hopes and dreams blend to establish the vision that makes us who we are today.

This is not a static position, but an ever flowing and dynamic readjustment, as new experiences and future aspirations mature and
grow. While we are the sum total of our experiences, the past does not control all of our current behavior.

It is our attitude towards any situation or circumstance that is the key.


It is an attitude born out of the hopeful
state of our human nature that enables us to develop positive and productive responses to life’s situations.  While you may not be able to control the quality of life, you ultimately have control over the quality of your attitude towards these conditions. The attitude you define
in response to all of your situations develops from your ability to find meaning in your life; meaning founded in the virtue of hope. We are a hopeful people who create, develop, and sustain the myths that give us this meaning.