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A systems integration approach pertains to every aspect of this company’s efforts. The systems include:  The soul system.  The cognitive system.


You cannot afford to waste a moment. Do not confuse work and play, or define them as effort versus waste. You need to recharge your batteries – play is an intricate
part of our normal activities. Waste happens when you allow misdirected energy to move you away from
progress and growth. While apprehension is normal, it cannot be the driving force of what you do and who you are.

Everyday presents two choices:
♦ Embrace the day with joy and approach each
mystery with insight and celebration.
♦ Curse the day with distress and allow the
burdens to impede our activity.

It is not the events, but our choices, to embrace or curse, that shape attitudes. Attitudes decide the eventual outcome of those events. Therefore, you control what happens. The mental orientation controls our progress in life. The sorrowful choice takes too much energy and it leaves you with a beaten will, a spent spirit, and a confusing direction. Choosing joy gives you energy. It lifts your spirits and propels you towards opportunities you never imagined! The distance between these two
choices, sorrow and joy, is too small to measure. A simple turn of the mind or change of attitude occurs in an instant.

The River’s Lesson

Like the flow of a river, you glide along gently most of
the time. At certain points along the way, the rapids get
strong and you struggle just to stay afloat. Eventually
you pass these rapids and stabilize, reacquiring the
tranquility of an earlier time. As it flows from the snow
capped mountains, where it feeds the stream, the river is
in constant motion. At no single point is it ever the same,
until it reaches the ocean.
Each point in time during the journey is different.
Even thought it may appear the same, microscopic
examination confirms this is not true.

Why does the river flow? It is the destiny of every river to reach the ocean and to nourish it.
However, as the river makes its journey, it provides benefits along the way.

Besides the hidden nourishment
in its water, the river also nurtures new growth and new
life. The rushing flow of water influences, shapes, and
changes the shore banks. Subtly, as it moves persistently
toward its goal, the river influences its surroundings.
Wherever the river winds and bends, it leaves an impact,
evidence of its presence.
Nature is an excellent teacher, but you learn only if you
look and listen. Everyday signifies a simultaneous point
of arrival and departure. We encounter beginnings and
endings each day of our lives. If you stumble and fall,
most of the time you get up and start again.

You like the river
Flow towards the ocean
Influencing all
You encounter
Overcoming the rapids,
Enjoying the placid pools
Yet always moving
Towards the ocean
Leaving your essence,
The nutrients, along the way.