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Integrate Magazine launched in 2011 and serves as a philosophical respite for progressive community and business leaders and their workers.  All philosophy and insight at Integrate Magazine is from a humanistic perspective.

The site also mainly serves to consolidate one person’s body of work as well as to integrate the business and non-profit work of Robert Jendry. Robert shares ideas, stories and methods that have proven effective in shifting paradigms to holistic endeavors.  The nature of Robert’s observations is a source for your random conversation starters.  Join the conversation whenever you wish here at Integrate Magazine and the various social platforms.


Robert Jendry is an ex-seminarian who left for purely secular reasons.  Robert’s training coincided with the Catholic reform movement of the late 1950s. It was entitled aggiornamento (updates to match current needs) and led to the Vatican II reformations. Robert participated in civil rights non-violence actions of the 60s civil rights movement.  Robert stayed consistent from that point forward to today in his resolve for civic and civil justice.

In the decade of the 60’s Robert’s work with IBM gave insight to the new developing field of computer IT. 1970s – 1990s Robert worked in Brazil, Chile, UK, Australia and South Africa. In 1998 he launched Jendry Enterprises, a consulting business, in order to preserve and fight for fair and equal business management and IT practices.

In 1992 Robert joined his wife, along with other dedicated people, in founding the humanitarian and conservation organization, Partners in Conservation (PIC), based out of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. PIC works thru education in United Sates and collaboration with partners in East Africa. The PIC focus is preservation of natural resources by community development projects that are viable alternatives to forest resources.

Robert continues to serve on as a Board member for humanitarian non-profit organizations.  Robert is the President of Jendry Enterprises L.L.C. (JEL).Robert is an Author of philosophy, spirituality and business management books.