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Point of View

The first step in managing change is to establish a point of view where you see things from different vantages. When you have, the ability to assess situations from various angles you will find possibilities and opportunities. Seeing any enterprise as a total system of thru-put will alter the approach for analyzing problems. When you visualize a variety of perspectives, you open new ways of solving the problem. Results are the goal of any enterprise. Multiple objectives are necessary to achieve results. Distractions of the daily priorities tend to mask an appreciation of the real goal.  Leadership has the responsibility to synchronize the activities of all functions to accomplish target objectives. Static points of view inhibit your ability to respond in a changing environment. You are the one to control the rapid pace of change, by implementing effective controls and contingencies that enable you to keep the ship safely moving forward on its journey. You achieve successful results when you develop the ability to maintain different perspectives. This is difficult as you struggle with the constraints, events, and issues of your daily operations. Creating a framework where you integrate the ability to think differently as you operate the business is the path to success. The socioeconomic environment is moving at speeds that do not afford the luxury of separating thinking from execution. Thinking is simply using common sense to apply improvements with persistent innovation. The objective of this Systems Integration is to promote a way to assist you in developing a flexible perspective.

“Jendry’s philosophical principles on leadership are gold.” ~ manager in South Africa

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