We put off making decisions, hoping that the answer
will come down from on high. This is not how it
works. I feel it would be so much simpler and quicker
to receive a simple telegram or an email giving
me directions to “Freedom Town.

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In reality, there is no real road map. Life is not a static state, but a dynamic and fluid movement, ever changing and always a mystery.
This is the excitement! Routine is something that the
human spirit seeks, but it is never a benefit if we expect
to survive in an ever-changing world. Since only you
have full comprehension of your ideas, dreams and
hopes, it is impossible for someone else to direct your

This is the reason that you must be jolted into change.
We like to stay in the comfort zones of routine. Routine
is comforting. Habits avoid surprises and regular
patterns provide a sense of security. That is why I eat
the same thing for breakfast every morning. I know
that the day will contain surprises, and I do not want
surprises when I fi rst wakeup. Wanting to know what
comes next and having schedules is a desire to control
events. Having routines, habits and schedules are
human characteristics that we need not be ashamed of.

The anomaly is that while we seek regularity, change is
necessary to keep pace with the dynamic surroundings
of our lives. This dichotomy between change and consistency is nature’s balancing act.

The spirit moves
with deliberate, yet cautious, speed from the present to
the future. The past provides a foundation, allowing
you to leave your comfort zone.

Explore many ideas and approaches.
Resolve the concept of being free.

Freedom depends on the ideas of many people. The Jazz of the Spirit series is one element in the total wisdom.
What is happening and how do we develop effective methods of support. In order
to solve a problem, you must first understand it. Once
we understand the fundamentals of a situation, we can
begin to define the strategy to control the situation. Jazz of the Spirit book II: Freedom is the configuration of ideas and possible solutions to the mysteries of a free existence.

In order to break from our freedom constraints, we must challenge our individual paradigms.