How do we manage the stress of management?

The decisive moment is results; all else is prophecy.

The way to achieve the decisive moment is thru an effortless focus on change and improvements. The dynamics of change contribute to the underlying changes themselves.  You must find harmony between absorption and application.  How do you absorb the information for change?  How do you apply this change in an effective way? You achieve this balance by eliminating the process constraints and leveraging new technologies thru innovations.  No single skill or remedy can apply to all circumstance in the present or an unknown future.  This book blends experiences, observation, theories, and suggestions into story.  A Manager’s Survival Guide in a 24/7 world. Read more from the book in the white papers section: Rules of engagement, or click the book

The challenge to any key personnel is to learn how to respond to new and evolving demands of a 24/7 world.