Our personal anxiety and serenity influence the global mood. In wanting to change ourselves, we must be careful not to use other people’s guidelines. Often, individuals are more concerned about changing others. Focusing on others ignores our own weaknesses. While we must always be considerate of others, this must not be the basis for our own metanoia. Metanoia is a fundamental change in our system of beliefs. It is so fundamental that the Greek meaning is a change of heart. A true change is something that encompasses our entire being. A change this profound occurs within our emotions, our souls, and finally in our behaviors. For any change to last, it must not simply reside within one’s emotional being. Emotions represent the communication link between the soul and the body. They are the psyche and the soma, two separate entities, yet connected. Anthony De Mello, tells us it is – “The song and the singer, the dance and the dancer – not one, not two”.

You have the ability to change, if you have the knowledge and the freedom to see things in a different way. The human brain, heart, and soul have the capability to evolve when we expand our knowledge. Expansion begins when we surrender to a highly personal style of freedom. Break ground in personal perspective. As we find ourselves in a world that is embroiled in war, economic turmoil, and social uncertainty. You should remember that Labor precedes all new life! Thus, we need to understand the nature of this labor for us to move from chaos to order.